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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What inspires us?

Its a wonderful blessing to find yourself in a career that, more times than not, provides you with moments of great energy and a reason to be optimistic.

However, fact is there's just times when many of us run day to day trying to stay on top of the breadth of responsibilities we are fortunate to have. And if we don't watch out, we can become managers and leaders who don't have any personal inspiration (and by the way, anyone who doesn't inspire is not a leader).

So the question comes to us: what inspires us?

I know a monthly lunch trip to the Museum of Art provides new insights and understandings for me. Other times its business books, magazines (Harvard Business Review, Business Week, The Economist, etc). Sometimes inspiration comes from being around innovative peers who are drawing a higher line (however being around peers who just whine and complain is never inspirational).

If you can't remember what inspires you, then just try a few things and see what happens. Reach out to people you respect and see what works for them.

Whatever inspires us, we have to build it into our routine. Its not a serendipity, its a part of our program. Just as much as our physical regime (crap this means I'll have to workout this week)is critical, being involved in activity that has a chance to inspire us is critical to our personal and professional health.

The arithmetic here is that organizations may need inspiration more than they need additional insight and truth. We have to bring it.

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