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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Social Media: What We Know So Far

Many of us earned our marketing communications chops on various types of advertising, direct marketing, media PR and other conventional communications tools. We developed an understanding of what each is for and how they fit together to acheive various marketing communications objectives.

However with the continual changing and burgeoning social media environment, these new tools have often not been incorporated into a unified understanding.

It is critical for us not just to know how to use each tool, but more importantly how these tools fit together to provide more value for our organizations.

Our friends at Forrester Research has provided a model for us. It helps us see the value and function each of the tools provides in developing relationship, credibility and visibility. Thanks ladies and gentlemen at Forrester.

Thanks to John Foley (@johnfoleyjr) and Dave Fleet at Social Media Today ( turning me on to this helpful chart.

For more information on this and other insights at Forrester go to: Sean Corcoran will discuss the chart above in more detail.

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