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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Evolution of Legal Marketing

The more things change, the more they stay the same? Yes and certainly no.

I actually find cycles to be a bit more helpful in understanding the way things are working at any moment in time. Businesses, relationships, organizations go through predictable cycles given their internal and external challenges and goals.

Anywho, HubbardOne was foolish enough to ask me to talk about where I think law firm marketing / business development organizations are for 2011. Here's my thoughts:

One says a lot of stuff. But for me an organization's ability to say 'yes' to big strategic ideas which can make a difference (and most of the time have no historical basis in the organization) may be the most important attribute to have for 2011.

Oh and the more you say yes to these, the fewer resources you have to do lower value, legacy activity (certainly there is high value, legacy activity that you do as well). Gives you an inherent tool for saying 'no': 'no, we don't have any budget for that'; 'no, the Board has told us to concentrate our people resources over here instead'.

Hope your 2011 is starting off well and you are getting to 'yes' on some things that will make a difference.

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